1940’s Record: 5-2


  • 5-2 Record
  • The Wildcats practiced on the uneven ground behind the still unfurnished school. There was no grass and the clay surface was hard as a rock. Tractors were working on leveling out the field when the season started. The dressing rooms in the school building were in use but the athletic office lacked furniture. The players took cold showers because the heating system wasn’t operating to provide hot water.
  • Coach Len Will used a variation of the Notre Dame box system as his offense, which he learned in his starring days at Memorial. There were some single wing features and a few T plays. The coach operated at fullback in both those formations at Columbia.

1949 Mater Dei Varsity Football Roster


Date Opponent Score Location Attendance
Sept. 16 Carmi, ILL 6-0 Carmi, ILL  
Sep. 24 Trigg County, KY 14-0 Bosse Field  
Oct. 1 Owensboro Catholic, KY 19-0 Bosse Field  
Oct. 14 Huntingburg 7-6 Huntingburg  
Oct. 23 Sturgis, KY 0-32 Sturgis, KY  
South Bend Catholic 14-7 Bosse Field  
Owensboro St. Francis, KY 18-6 Owensboro St. Francis, KY  
Evansville Lincoln 13-27 Evansville Lincoln 4,500